Month: August 2014


Good news! The book is printed and bound! All 3500 copies are packed up and ready to ship to the fulfillment house for shipping out to backers and anyone who pre-ordered! This means the books will be shipping out to everyone next week!

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Down to the last few days!

The book will be finished at the bindery this Thursday (8/28). From there it gets shipped to the fulfillment house. It should only take a few days to ship there. Once the fulfillment house has the book, they will ship out the very next day. We really are counting down now!

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Big Backers – get ready for some mail!

Hey guys! This update is specifically for the Big Backers. I know SOME of you got a partial package of some thank you goodies, but in the next week we will be shipping everything out to everyone! Hey look what came in the mail today. Here is some of what you can expect to receive: […]

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