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Sean T. Rayburn was born in 1972 on the east end of Long Island. Growing up, there were not many children around, so he spent quite a bit of time in the wooded hollow behind his home, playing solitary games and telling tall tales to imaginary friends. At night, he would play his radio, finding strange and exhilarating music from radio stations in the far off lands of Connecticut, and Jamaica, Queens.

As he grew up, no matter where he went, he always had his books and his music. Now, many years later, not much has changed. He still tells tall tales to real and imaginary friends, and sometimes to his daughter and nieces and nephews, who have learned at a very young age to not believe much of what they are told. He wrote for a long time, hoping to get published, but one day the music got in the front seat and decided to drive for a while. In that time, he was vice-president of a record label, produced several albums, and got to work with a lot of bands he really enjoyed. From time to time he gets to go on tours and take lots of photographs and shoot some video, which got him thinking of ideas for a book…

In 2014, after a successful yet stressful Kickstarter campaign, he released PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume 1. The book was a commercial and critical success, and in 2016 was awarded several gold and silver awards in book design by the American Advertising Federation.

In 2016 he announced he was working on five more books, to be released over a four-year period. His next book will be PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume 2, set to be released in the fall of 2017.