An Open Call for Submissions

Submissions for PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume 2 – 2004 – 2018

pixiesHi gang, my name is Sean.

Are you a PIXIES fan? So am I. That is why I am putting this book together. I want this to be a great book, filled with photos and images that chronicle the history of the band. Many of these images have never been seen or have not been seen in YEARS! It’s been a truly exciting experience for me, as a PIXIES fan, just to be talking to these people who were there. I cannot get enough of this! I want to see all the pictures and I want to hear all the stories. For that more than any other reason, I am curating this project.

As I go along, I am talking to the band members: Charles and Joey and David and Kim Deal, and Kim Shattuck, and Paz. I talk to them and they say to me “Oh, hey, you really need to talk to this person.” And I say “Great! Yes, I need to talk to that person!” And off I go, emailing, calling, IMing, Facebooking, tweeting, and sometimes getting in the car and driving or going to the airport and flying off to meet this person. And I love it. But I want more.


The more people I meet, the better the project becomes. I look at contact sheets of images, and I get a real kick out of making the photographer revisit the past. I talk to the family of the band and I get even more material. And more stories. I talk to record labels and publicists and music magazines and booking agents and managers, and roadies and guitar techs and I leave with even more of the story… the visual story. But still, I want more.
That’s where you come in.

Were you there? Do you have a photo or many photos of that great PIXIES moment?

Do you have a story or something interesting to tell about that photographed moment? If so, then I really would like you to contact me.

If you have something like this, then I want you to be a part of this book. It’s very simple, here is what you do:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Make sure you have SUBMISSIONS in the subject line of the email.
  3. Include your full name, preferred email address, and a phone number I can reach you at.
  4. Attach the photo in as high a resolution as you can provide.
  5. If you have a story to tell about the photo, tell it!
  6. IMPORTANT: Please state clearly in the email that you are the copyright holder of the image you are providing.

If you can do all these things and if it is a great image, we will use it in the book!  If you are a professional photographer and booked a shoot with the band, or got some quality pro shots at a show, please email us to discuss compensation. If you are a fan who got some cool live shots, or a great candid moment with the band, as a thank you for your involvement we will give you photo credit and provide you with a contributor’s copy of the final book!

LEGAL: Any and all images submitted for use in PIXIES: A Visual History (this project) become the property of Madtempest Holdings, Inc. & Wicked Sons Publishing solely for use related to this project. We reserve the right to use such photos for marketing purposes, advertisement, and promotional material related to this project only.