Should we do a Black Friday Deal? I think we should!


Confession time: I don’t really like Black Friday. I am not much for the crowds and the ridiculous gimmicky “deals” on products advertised at mind-blowing prices, which of course are never actually in-stock at the store after you’ve just waited hours in line.  No thanks!

While I am not a fan of Black Friday in general, I AM a fan of a real DEAL, and not just the Kim kind!  See what I did there…? Nevermind.

So for ONE DAY ONLY – PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume 1, will be available for $75, no $65 no $55 no $50!!!

We have NEVER discounted the book this much before! We most likely will never discount the book this much ever again!  Remaining stock of the book is extremely limited, and once it sells out, that is it for the first printing signed limited edition!

Look at this way: You get a great DEAL without having to take off your fuzzy bunny slippers. Spend more time with your family and friends, and less time at the big box stores.

Sale starts 12:00AM on Friday, November 24th and ends 11:59PM on the same day. All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Get them before they are all gone!