New Website + Happy New Year!


Back in 2004 and for a few years that followed, I would frequently send out Pixies-related news and updates on and the Pixies’ MySpace and Facebook pages. Anytime I sent out an update, I always started with HEY! Now that the horror of 2016 is behind us, expect to see more of these updates.

First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017 does not look like a real year, it looks like science-fiction to me. I say that as I write this on my handheld computer device while listening to music streaming from a satellite in space.  But 2017 is here, and there certainly will be quite a lot for us Pixies fans to celebrate!

  • Head Carrier is here, and it is a fantastic album. While I hate the term “a return to form”, that pretty much sums it all up! There are so many classic tracks on this album, and they blend seamlessly with the Pixies back-catalogue. I am quite jealous of all of you that got a chance to catch the band on the most recent tour! They did not make their way here to New York, but I am certain there will be some announcements of new tour dates in the upcoming weeks.
  • And let’s talk about Paz! She is now officially a member of the band, and I think she is a great match. She brings such great energy to the band, and I know Charles, Joey, and David enjoy performing and recording with her. Of course, we all love Kim and always will, but with Paz onboard I think we can expect good things.
  • Since it is now 2017, I thought it time to redesign the Pixies Book website. I put the first site together in 2013 in a rush of about 20 minutes, and just dropped in PayPal links in for a payment option. With this new site, I easily DOUBLED the amount of time I put into it, maybe even TRIPLED! It is still a work in progress, but I am pretty happy with how it is turning out so far. So if you are reading this on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else, be sure to head on over to and see the progress so far. I will continue to refine and tweak the site, and add more content as time goes on.
  • I am working on Book 2. Now that we’ve made it through the holidays I will get back to some reasonable level of productivity. I am going to do another Kickstarter or Indigogo campaign to raise the funds needed to print and distribute the book, but KNOCK ON WOOD, this will be a smoother, dare I say swifter process.  My goal is to have the book nearly completed before I launch the campaign, and have the book shipped out within six months of campaign completion. I will also most likely have a UK or European printer/distributor to handle non-American orders, which will mean faster shipping times and less expensive shipping charges. Just to give you an idea of what I mean, right now to ship the book from the fulfillment house in Michigan to the UK it costs about $55, $65 to Australia, and about $70 to Japan. By having some regional distribution, I hope to get those prices way down.
  • Finally, let me tell you about this photo. This is Kevin, one of the bouncers at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan, where the Pixies performed on September 17th, 2013. Aaron Tanner, who designed Volume 1, had flown into NYC from Indiana, and I’d met up with him so we could start signing books. Charles was supposed to meet up with us as well, but had so many press commitments, he could not make it. He tried hard, but he could not make it (sorry, I had to). Anyway, the Pixies were playing at the Bowery and we were there for the show.  For anyone who was “with the band”, Kevin was your best friend and also your worst enemy. All was well until he saw my camera, at which point he just stared me down the entire night. I did manage to get some great shots from our balcony, as well as some video. Most of the time I am at a show I video the whole thing, but he shut me down pretty fast that night. He was just doing his job. If you go to a show at the Bowery and you see him, tell him Sean from the Pixies team says hi, he will probably remember me.

That’s all for now, expect another update soon!