A quick note about the names at the back.

Hey! A lot of people have been asking if there is any order to the names of the backers at the back of the book. No…. and yes. I did not want to do an alphabetical list of names. Originally, I wanted to have the names appear at the top and bottom of each page, in random order, so that as you flipped through the book, you’d be scouring each page to find the names. In my head, it seemed to me like a fun thing to be able to say “so, what page are you?” In practice, it was a nightmare to implement, so we scrapped the idea.

There does not appear to be any order to the names, but in actuality there is. The names are in order of Kickstarter backers, followed by PayPal backers, in date and time order of when people backed the project. So the original Kickstarter backers appear at the beginning of the list of names, and the final PayPal backers appear at the very end.

Does this help anyone find their name? Probably not! But there technically IS an order to the names!