UPDATE: The good, the bad, & the tour!

For those that may have missed this update.


0X7A1580THE TOUR: First off, so sorry it has been so long since the last update. It’s been a busy couple of weeks! As most of you know, the Pixies have been on a warm-up run of US shows before they head over to tour Europe, and I have been along for the ride shooting as many photos as I can (and even a little video). I hope you all get to see these shows, as they are absolutely fantastic! The songs sound amazing; they are playing songs we have not heard in 20 years, and with all the tweaking and new focus, the songs that make up the core Pixies setlist sound better than ever. And look of course we all love Kim Deal, but Kim Shattuck most certainly brings some great energy and stage presence to the show. Trust me, if you can make it, GO TO THESE SHOWS!

THE BOOK: Part of the reason I have been a bit MIA with the updates is that we have been dealing with some unforeseen production delays. If we had gone through a traditional publisher, maybe some of these issues would have been handled by others, but since this is a fan project and I am managing every aspect of this book, there are some things I just had not planned on (like having to go to freight facilities to pick up pallets of paper and then drive them in to Manhattan for signing). It has been a real learning experience, but unfortunately the delays and setbacks are going to prevent us from getting the book to all of you in time for the holidays, and for that I really am sorry as I know a lot of you purchased books specifically for holiday gifts. Our new timeline with production and printing puts our release date in Spring of 2014.

But wait, THERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS HERE! Because the book is coming out a few weeks later, it gives us time to do some things. We had some great submissions and photos that we had to say no to so we could wrap up production, but now we can include all that material. It also gives us some time to provide some more detail on some of what we are presenting in the book. So because of this delay, it will be a better book. AND THAT IS A GOOD THING, RIGHT?

PRINTS & POSTCARDS: Many of you have asked about these. The Kickstarter campaign stated these would go out in August, and here it is September. So here is the update: THESE LOOK AMAZING! There is the postcard that is the cover of the book, and the other postcards in the set will be selected from the original iconic Polaroids taken by legendary Pixies photographer Simon Larbalestier! Instead of the traditional 4×6 size postcards, I elected to go with the larger 5×7, which I think makes a world of difference. As for the prints, these are 24×18 in size on cardstock, feature a selection of images taken from the book, and incorporate Aaron Tanner’s design work, which is exclusive to this set.

ADDITIONAL PROMO ITEMS: For those of you who supported the Kickstarter campaign in one of the larger packages, your promo items are just about ready. You will find a sampling of exclusive buttons, tote bags, magnets, lanyard replicas, coffee mugs, setlists, posters, contact sheet outtakes, error pages, and other material. We even made up some Bicycle-brand playing cards! Those items should start shipping out by the end of next week.

AND FINALLY: Some people have messaged me saying “Hey I ordered the book, but can I still get the other stuff too?” If you are looking to “upgrade” your order, please send me an email at info@pixiesbook.com. We can work out a PayPal purchase for this.

That’s all for now! Look for another update next week.

Sean T. Rayburn