I just wanted to send out a quick message letting everyone know that PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume 2 is progressing nicely. I have literally THOUSANDS of photos I have gone through, and there are really some amazing and important historical items in there. I have a nice mix of concert tickets, gig posters, backstage/AAA passes, as well as a ton of photos from the band and crew.

A while back I asked for fan submissions, and I am at the point where I am finally reviewing the photos people have submitted for this book. They are great!  I will definitely be using some of these for inclusion in the second book, but I still have time to take more submissions. The challenge I am finding is getting quality photographs from the initial 2004 reunion to about 2007. This was an interesting time, technology-wise, as photographers were transitioning away from shooting film, and it seemed everyone had a small digital camera. This was all great for the time, but even the photos that I took at the very first reunion show in Minneapolis are the size of postage stamps on my 4K ultra-wide monitor. I have some amazing photographs and memorabilia from that period, but as always, I want more!

I THINK I am going to launch the Kickstarter for Book 2 in August, with the intent that the book will be 100% compiled, designed, edited, and ready to go to print by the end of August. IF THAT HAPPENS AS PLANNED, we should go to print in September and HOPEFULLY books get shipped out in November. I am trying for a VERY FAST TURN AROUND TIME on this book.

So get those photos submitted!  If we use any of your photographs for Book 2, I will reach out to you with a photo release form to be filled out and emailed back to me.  You will of course get photo credit in Book 2, and I will send you a copy of the book as a thank you.

If you have some amazing Pixies photos from the 2004-2018 period, please shoot me an email at  Please also review the guidelines at


Sean T. Rayburn