Big Backers – get ready for some mail!

Hey guys! This update is specifically for the Big Backers. I know SOME of you got a partial package of some thank you goodies, but in the next week we will be shipping everything out to everyone!

Hey look what came in the mail today.
Hey look what came in the mail today.

Here is some of what you can expect to receive:

  • A letter from me, thanking you for backing this project.
  • a packet of exclusive production materials, contact sheets of unused negatives, flyers, and other material, some of which never made it in to the book. Only 15 sets were made.
  • A Pixies book coffee mug
  • A Pixies book magnet
  • A set of Simon Larbalestier oversized 1.5 inch buttons
  • A replica lanyard from a vintage Pixies tour
  • A Pixies book tote bag
  • A signed proof copy of PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume I. This is pretty much the final actual book, just not bound together.

And as an additional thank you, I am having the first 25 copies of the book shipped directly to me. I will take my copies, and Aaron Tanner will get his, and the rest of these will go to you guys. This guarantees you big backers will be getting the lowest possible numbered editions of this book, AND that you will receive it up to a few days before the rest of the list.

That’s all for now, I will send another update in a week or two, once I have an exact ship date!

Sean T. Rayburn