Counting down the days!


Hey guys and gals, hope all of my fellow Americans had a great 4th of July weekend. I spent mine writing #1 of 3500, #2 of 3500, #3 of 3500, all the way up to #3500 of 3500. To be fair, I did have a little help from family members. Thanks guys!

The process of numbering 3500 books, while being quite involved, was a great opportunity to review the work that went in to getting things signed.  As you all know, Black Francis committed to signing every single book of the initial print run. When I announced this, it seemed like a great idea, and I certainly know that helped fuel the success of the Kickstarter campaign. But it posed a logistical challenge. Black Francis is in Massachusetts, I am in New York, and Aaron is in Indiana. Getting the three of us together to sign 3500 physical books seemed like it would be impossible, especially with the Pixies on tour. I thought I might have a solution though.

Instead of trying to get the three of us in the same place at the same time to sign all these printed books, why not just have the end pages of the book shipped to me, and we could call sign the pages, instead of the books? Doing it this way meant worrying about 4 heavy boxes of paper, and those pages have made quite a journey around the US, but it seemed simpler, and feasible.  You will all see when you get your books (which will be quite soon now), that Black Francis has signed everything, I have signed everything, and Aaron got to sign the first 2000 or so books.

Looking back over the signatures, it brought back some fond memories of driving up to Massachusetts to sign with Black Francis. Originally we were going to sign in my hotel room, but we decided to use his office space instead. Highlights included seeing all of Black Francis’ amazing artwork, going out for coffee and running in to Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth (I was going to take a photo of BF and Kim Gordon together, to fuel further Pixies’ bass players named Kim rumors), and of course seeing this was pretty cool too:

I give Black Francis a lot of praise and thanks for signing everything.  Because of his touring schedule, we had several aborted signing sessions, so this was pretty much our only chance to have him sign. He was a trooper, burning through all 3500 pages in two days. Because of this, you will see he signed in a variety of ways, from a standard “Black Francis” signature, to a stylized, oversized “BF” scrawl, to even incorporating some artwork into things.  We also incorporated some “easter eggs” into the end sheets, whether intentional or not, there are definitely some cool things happening on those pages.
A final note on the numbering and how the books will be shipped. I will be holding the first 20 or so, for myself, Aaron, and Pixies band members. The rest will go out to all of you in a randomized fashion. What I mean is, I have heard stories of other books being shipped out a little too orderly, where a shipping list sorted in alphabetical order resulted in people at the top of the list getting the low numbered books, etc. We are going to randomize the process as much as possible to prevent this from happening. Just trying to make things fair!

That’s all for now, we really are down to a few days now!

Sean T. Rayburn

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