Black Friday 2018 Weekend Sale


Just a quick message to let everyone know, the last of the unsigned/un-numbered copies of Book 1 just shipped out to Amazon, so they are now SOLD OUT on The only way to get the unsigned copy is on Amazon, which is $75.  But why spend $75 on Amazon for an unsigned book, when you can get the signed one here for the same price?

Also, be on the lookout. our Black Friday 2018 Weekend Sale runs from Friday through Sunday, 11/23-25. This will be the lowest price ever the book has been offered, and it is just for these few days.  I expect the book will be completely sold out by mid-December, so if you don’t have one yet, or are looking to get a 2nd copy, or to gift one to a friend, this is probably the last chance to get one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sean T. Rayburn


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