The PIXIES just played to over 100,000 people in Mexico City…

100,000 people! After a set of 5 shows in London, and 3 shows in Mexico, the PIXIES will close out their “Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa” anniversary shows with three dates at Brooklyn Steel in New York. I am attending at least the Sunday and Monday shows, and possibly the final show on Tuesday. We will see.

The photos I take at these shows will be the final shots used for PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume 2. With the band recording new material and going back out on tour this spring with Weezer, this seemed like the best place to wrap up Book 2. It feels almost like coming full circle to me… if the band really got started with Come On Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa, which is about where I started Book 1, it feels right that Book 2 should be ending at these shows commemorating those two albums.

But wait, what about the new album, and the new tour, I could keep going, right? Probably! Maybe 10 years down the road I will release a PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume 3: 2019-29. But that 2029 is only ten years from now is just way too much to process.  It seems like science fiction.  Or maybe a Pixies song.

And for those of you coming to Sunday’s show in Brooklyn, stop by Reclamation Bar at 5PM and hang out with some fellow fans. I will be giving away some swag!

Hasta pronto!
Sean T. Rayburn