Make sure your shipping address is updated!


Hi gang! I just wanted to send a quick update to remind all of you to make sure your shipping address is updated in Kickstarter. I want to give everyone a few days to update before I send the master shipping list over to the fulfillment company. With that in mind, shipping addresses need to be updated no later than this Sunday, June 29th. On Monday, June 30 I will make sure the list is updated and sorted and send it over for shipping.

Kickstarter recently made an update to give backers the option to change their shipping address. It’s still a bit tricky to find though, so please follow the options below to confirm/update your shipping address:

  • Log  on to Kickstarter with the email address or Facebook account you used to back PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume I.
  • Go to the PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume I Kickstarter page, and look for the package that you backed. The box should be highlighted green, and at the bottom of it you will see a line that says “Survey Sent ……. Your response” Click the blue “Your response” link.
  • Once you click the link, you will see a screen showing you your survey response, as well as the “Click here” option to change your shipping address.
  • Once you click through, you can update your shipping info. Click “Submit” and you are all set!


That’s all for now! Make sure you are all up to date, we are getting close!

Sean T. Rayburn