Pre-orders are now closed!


Just a quick message to let everyone know that for now we’ve closed pre-orders for PIXIES: A Visual History, Volume 1. We may open things back up at some point, but for now, that’s all folks!  What this means is that as of right now, everyone who has ordered a copy of the book, whether through the Kickstarter campaign or through a PayPal link via, will have their copy signed by Black Francis, AND have the opportunity to have their name or a name of a friend included in the list of backers. This will appear in every copy of the book that is printed in this edition. If we do a reprint, it will most likely be to coincide with the release of Book 2, sometime later next year.

Wait, Sean! I somehow missed my chance to buy the book. Is all hope lost? Nay, good friend! We are printing enough copies of the book to cover all of our preorders, PLUS a few hundred extra to cover any fulfillment issues, and to have some to sell online. Just thinking out loud here, but I will most likely have the books sent to Amazon, so sometime after February the book should be available to purchase.  The good news here is our intent is to have Black Francis sign every book from this edition so it is likely that any books for sale after fulfillment of existing orders will have his signature. The bad news is you won’t have the chance to get your name in the list of backers.

In other news, people are starting to get their prints and postcards. It’s been pretty exciting to see photos of these, especially considering we haven’t even received ours yet! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #pixies and #pixiesbook when posting photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!